4 Actually Good Idols To Follow

Listen up kids. While you might think humanity is doomed as you look towards your idols – Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and Pauline Hanson – rest assured, we’re not completely doomed yet. When you get off Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and search elsewhere on the internet, there are amazing projects, start-ups and inspiring free thinkers to listen and follow.

All these people are amazing, and personally, they pop up in my life on a daily basis. I have Tim Ferriss on my bedside table in the morning and at night, Lewis Howes on my headphones while I drive to work, Mark Manson on my phone ready to teach me something new about myself, and Elon Musk in my brain to inspire me to be badass.

If you need something more than the Bieber fever, these blokes should be the first legends introduced into your life.

Lewis Howes

I first came across Howes when I first started getting into podcasts. His podcast ‘The School of Greatness’ was featured on iTunes so I thought to myself “bugger it” and added it to my podcast list without a secound thought. When you’re 20, we all make stupid and impulsive decisions” Brian Bosworth said, but this was not one of them and once I got past the “Oh My God, they’re like an hour long, argggghhh” stage, I was cooking with gas.

Generally, I only got around to listening to one episode per week – but soon I was hocked. I loved the ideas and the way of thinking his guests exhibited and before I new it I had heard every interview and ‘5 Minute Friday’ Howes had uploaded.

I started adopting the same characteristics Howes portrayed and looked for new and exciting ideas in everyone I met. I started asking questions to small business owners, creatives and students alike, really engaging in their answers and finding something to learn from them. I learned how to processed strange ideas and information without jumping to obsoletes or judgements.

If your interested in adding a little Lewis Howes to your list of idols and daily routine, start with his podcast – then join his mailing list. You can stream one of my favourite episodes right here: oh, and twist, Ferriss is in the recording too and coming up right now.

Tim Ferriss

It was in The School of Greatness podcast I first heard about Ferriss. The words, “When was the first time you read The Four Hour Work Week?” were uttered into my ears by Howes to an unknown guest. Thanks to that throw away comment, I discovered this man and instantly added him to my long list of idols.

What makes him so great though? Was it his way of thinking? Was it his tips and success hacks? Why did every successful person Howes had on the show admire him? Well, I soon discovered it was his raw data approach, his brutal honesty and outright personality connected with his anything is possible drive.

Once you know how to think like an entrepreneur, it’s hard to find things to read which speak directly to you. Most stuff out there is catered towards inspiring you to be the best you can be and that you should dream for the heavens and strive for fucking greatness every day. Not Ferriss! The man takes a step back and presents the ideas of the greats, asking the questions you would of asked and drops out the bullshit. His books are sort of the textbooks of living life on your own terms – but he doesn’t actually deliver you the pathway, but rather gives you the lesson to find your own way.

I’d (and probably every other free thinker out their living life on their own terms) would highly recommend reading The 4 Hour Work Week. You can usually pick it up pretty cheap as it’s heaps popular. It will open your eyes to the Ferriss way of thinking, the entrepreneur way of thinking, before you get your hands on more of his raw stuff – the textbook stuff.

Also, you can check out his podcast here and add it to the list next the ‘The School of Greatness’.

Elon Musk

The e-legend that is Musk can not be truly respected until you had read Ashlee Vance’s book, Elon Musk : How the Billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is Shaping our Future. The way Musk ran his projects at all costs, putting all his eggs in the one basket, learning everything he needed to know himself, and never taking the “Impossible” answer as a suitable one, inspired me every day.

At the moment, the man is getting mainstream attention for what he has achieved with SpaceX – his own successful space exploration company – and his dream of saving the planet one car (and truck) at a time no matter what Top Gear’s crew punching Clarkson says is truly awesome.

Here’s some quotes just to get you started on your journey of the amazing Musk.

  • “I wouldn’t say I have a lack of fear. In fact, I’d like my fear emotion to be less because it’s very distracting and fries my nervous system.”
  • “Patience is a virtue, and I’m learning patience. It’s a tough lesson.”
  • “[As a child] I would just question things…”

You can find out a little more about this awesome dude in this video by Bloomberg. Add him to your idol list right now. The guy is a bloody legend.

Mark Manson

You know that book that pissed off a lot of people who judged it by its cover, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, well that’s Manson. That free thinking, no bullshit writer who basically dedicated a whole page of his book to explaining the phycology of an old and grumpy grandma giving too many fucks about 50cent coupons is an incredibly awesome blogger. His contents just takes a few minutes a day to read, it’s straight down the barrel – just like the book – and will transform your life again and again with how you think about everything. Let me repeat that last bit for empathises. EVERYTHING.

I came across the dude when I started using the Pocket app on my phone. It must have listened in on how much I swear and been like, “Fuck, this Mark Manson guy is perfect for Scott” and I’m so fucking grateful it did. His work is funny, inspiring, well written and practical. He is on New York Times bestselling author list with a book featuring the word ‘FUCK’ in bold letters on the cover.

You don’t need to read his book though as his blogs are equally as great and mostly free. You too can read him on Pocket – and while you’re there you can follow the articles I share by clicking here, or you can head on over to www.markmanson.net for the list of all his works and sign up to his premium service.

Serious though, download the Pocket app on your phone at the very least and add this bloke to the list because every day you’ll learn something new about yourself with it.

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