Got no money? Don’t buy your coffee… Simple!

For many Australians, it’s just what we do. We have our favourite coffee shops, know way to much about coffee beans and brewing temperatures, and love the morning routine of going to our favourite cafe for that 7am caffeine hit. It’s our $5-plus morning savour that never lets us down and makes sure we fight off the slumber and are at our peak for the day.

If you’ve ever been to another country then you to have noticed that they just don’t get it. Down under, everywhere needs to serve proper coffee… and I mean everywhere… and I mean proper! I don’t just mean coffee flavoured drinks or cheap slow dripped filtered daily hotpot crap. I mean full-blown fresh roasted and to-order grinded, barista made perfectly poured coffee (usually with some obscure variant like ‘three quarter strength with a dash of vanilla’). Coffee the way coffee is meant to be enjoyed.

Oh the sweet joy of living in a country with a immense passion and high standard for coffee; the variety, the smugness, the class. But this standard of coffee is killing our back accounts. You can’t have top tier quality coffee every day, custom made with a love-heart shape froth without the charge and drain on the savings.

According to statistics from 2016, Australian’s spend $1,600,000,000 a year on tea and coffee. Yes you read that correct, one point six billion dollars! Comparatively, Aussies spent just $2.6 billion on the the entire country’s seafood consumption. For a country predominately settled near beaches and the ocean, that says a lot about our love for coffee… and how this obsession is costing us way to much. To borrow a quote from Scott Pape, the Barefoot Investor;

“Looking back, it was the lattes that did me in. If only I could’ve controlled my cafe-coffee spending when I was younger, I tell ya, I’d be on easy street today!”

Scott Pape on August 19, 2014 (link)

Now I’m not saying don’t drink coffee, that would be insane. However if you wonder why your bank account is always on $0 by the end of the pay cycle and you need some extra money for a; home deposit, new car, general life… maybe start with slowing down the coffee smugness of high class black water.

I have a solution though that means you don’t need to slow down your coffee consumption. Make your own coffees … in a Thermos … in the morning … and bring it to work or play! … or do what I do and use a Wacaco Minipresso at work because I have access to hot water and my Nespresso pod tin.

There are a million ways to turn that $5 transaction into a 50c one – find one. Pods are cheap comparatively (…and good enough ) and will convert 10 coffees from a $50 budget to a $7 one. Keep the barista coffee for special occasions and make sure you enjoy it rather than just ‘need’ it.

But we Aussies are coffee snobs and it won’t be easy to convert. So, think of it this way. Every morning when you wake up, prep your cheaper coffee and the money you save can spend on more, fancy coffee… Yes, more coffee… now I have your attention.