AFLW: Crows sneak win in final moments against Saints – Match Report

Reigning premiers, the Adelaide Crows, defeated the Saints at Richmond Oval on Sunday, securing their first victory of the 2020 season by 13-points in front of a 6433-strong crowd.



0.0 (0)

1.1 (7)

2.1 (13)

3.2 (20)

3.2 (20)

4.2 (26)

6.4 (40)

4.3 (27)

Leaving the glory till the final moments, the Crows first taste came through with just four minutes left on the clock and a ‘on-the-run’ goal from second-gamer Madison Newman.

With Veteran Courtney Gum dominating control in the midfield, helping push the ball back inside Adelaide’s 50, what little hope the Saints still had was slowly slipping.

Nevertheless, outstanding performances from Saints’ Tarni White, Georgia Patrikios and Tilly Lucas-Rodd meant the Crows struggled to hit the scoreboard for most of the game, with the Saints comfortably owning a 7-point margin during both quarter and half times.

Sloppy play and undisciplined actions from the Crows also gave away multiple 50 and free kicks during crucial moments, which allowed the Saints to retain control even when they thought they had lost it.

But a rushed behind was the nail in the Saints coffin and allowed Adelaide to collect themselves during some tense final moments after securing their own 7-point margin with just 2 minutes 30 seconds remaining.

The Saints kept pushing hard regardless, running with whatever opportunities were presented only now to be meet with a disciplined, structured and fiery Crows outfit.

Saints defender Clara Fitzpatrick was the only major injury after she was  stretchered off in the forth after falling hard after colliding during flight for the ball.

Holding off the determined Saints in the forth, Crow Dayna Cox fell hard on her leg, limping after a midfield mark.

This was shorty followed by Marijana Rajcic who landed wrong and ended up clutching her leg in pain just moments later, before hand-balling her mark away and ‘walking it off’.

The Crows then brought an ‘on-the-siren’ set shot to their advantage, earned by a flying mark from Crows premiership player Eloise Jones who ended the match with a loud crowd cheer.

With a little help from the wind, the final goal brought the final match margin to 13 points.

Match Statistics


Adelaide: Considine, Biddell, Thompson, Gould, Newman, Jones

St Kilda: Greiser (2), McCarthy, Sedunary


Adelaide: Marinoff, Hatchard, Gum, Allan, J Foley, Rajcic

St Kilda: White, Patrikios, Lucas-Rodd, Exon, Vesely, Munn


Adelaide: Nil

St Kilda: Fitzpatrick (head knock)


6433 at Hisense Stadium (aka Richmond Oval)


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