Get Your Facts Right About COVID-19

We’re all talking about COVID-19.

Every news station, Facebook post, and meme,

Literally everywhere we look, there is a new stream of data delivering new information about the virus. Some making jokes, others going into immense detail about how we should be protecting ourselves from it. Some of this information is brilliantly presented and is helping make sure our communities are well informed about it… others, not so much.

Knowing the facts is key. A good meme is great for a laugh – and in times like now, a laugh is more important than ever – but being properly prepared and educated is, you know, important too.

Sadly, there is a lot of information out there that is, well, to put it kindly, incorrect. This misinformation, during a health crisis where people are panicky enough as is, leaves people unprotected and vulnerable to the disease while it spreads fear and stigmatisation.

The solution. I couldn’t put this any clearer… be sure to get your facts from reliable sources. It’s not hard! Get all your politicial biases about publications and delete them, and stop posting lies from non-credible websites on social media. Fact check everything and question things that sound like they are promoting fear, hate, or panic. Real news doesn’t tell you how to feel.

Sources like UNICEF and the World Health Organization will provide raw data and facts, providing free first hand information about what is happening around the world with COVID-19. No spin or buzzwords, just facts. This is because UNICEF is working with global health experts around the clock to provide accurate information direct from the front lines. When they know something for sure, UNICEF will inform us. It’s that simple.


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Fight misinformation about COVID-19 and make sure you only share facts about the disease. UNICEF isn’t the only source who are credible, but a great place to start.

EDITORS NOTE: This isn't just for COVID-19... this is for everything. Read the full article, not just the headline and look for credibility. If opinion is oozing, its not news and probably bullshit. Be smart. Don't post conspiracy theories. Seriously. Don't. We don't need it at the moment. Or ever. We need facts, laughs and community... not division. Stay healthy, strong and smart. Being informed is the easy part of all of this. 

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