Who am I?

Having completed a Bachelor of Journalism at UniSA, my education in this field extends not only into professional writing but also into the digital landscape, providing me with the skills to produce content for an array of mediums. During my studies, I have worked in online, print, radio and television journalism, developing an extensive understanding of journalism and what skills are required of me in working in such a transformative industry. My passion for journalism begun after an ill-planned working holiday in Canada, where I spent a year working and living in a country ski town called Fernie. I guess the experience of being flat broke and alone on the other side of the world left me with a better understanding of self and the world. From here my drive and passion for storytelling grew and sparked my interest in reporting on people and places.

Prior to this adventure, I pursued a talent in video making. After graduating from Pedare Christian College in 2008, I got accepted into a very competitive filmmaking program at TAFESA due to in part receiving my school’s ‘Student of the Year’ award. I graduated from this program in 2009 with a Certificate 4 in Screen, giving me the opportunities to produced short films in Adelaide. After about a year of working within this industry, I decided I wanted to produce stories regardless of medium. I took a year off and headed to Canada with only $3,000 in my bank – not very well planned looking back. I got myself a working visa and ended up in a small town called Fernie, selling ski lift tickets and shoveling snow for less than $10 an hour. My time here, along with the people whom quickly became my abroad family, unlocked this passion for storytelling and are to thank for where I am heading now.

I produced The Breakfast Show in 2015 for 101.5FM, Radio Adelaide. This gave me the chance to present ‘The Culture Guide’ live on Friday mornings, while working with some incredible broadcast professionals such as Angus Randall and Anita Butcher. After leaving the station to pursue some wider industry experience, I visited Network Ten in Adelaide for a week shadowing Ten Eyewitness News journalists Kate Somers,  and Adam Hegarty. This sparked my desire to work in TV news, finding enjoyment in the way news was gathered here. I have recently taken up a role producing packages for C44’s The Sports Show in hope of getting more experience within this competitive medium.

My passion lay in people’s passions. I love reporting on how people have achieved their dreams or taken a huge leap into the unusual. This is what I hope to do with C44 and the kind of stories I produced for Radio Adelaide. I also believe journalism is about digging where the general public do no dig and exposing realities for what they are rather than what they appear to be. To quote WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, “If journalism is good, it is controversial, by its nature.”

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