InDaily (Internship)

Journalist – INDAILY (Internship)

February 2016 – March 2016



InDaily, owned by Solstice Media, was South Australia’s only locally owned, independent source of digital news. During an internship at their Adelaide office, I produced a series of articles surrounding the 2016 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

I worked closely with the Art’s and Culture editor Suzie Keen to further my skills and experience while working with the team. To produce stories, I would work directly with publicists and public relations teams, interview comedians and performers, and attend events and shows as a press representative. Generally these interviews and performances took place outside of regular 9-5 work hours and taught me the importance of being available if a story breaks – even if that story was just a fridge show.


Examples of work:

My work in dot points




My position required me to;

– Work as part of a fast paced and passion news team.

– Pitch, chase and produce stories aimed completed at online distribution.

– Write and create articles accurately and quickly.

– Manage time efficiently.

– Liaison with the Arts and Culture Editor.

– Work within the parameters of a vision. 

– Attend events outside of regular hours.